Efficiency Apartments for Rent

I had just been laid off from my job. The industry I had been working in was being outsourced. Not only was my morale dampened, but I also did not have money to continue paying my rent and bills. I had to move out of my rental home. I felt really sad because I really liked the place after living there for several years. But it was time to move on.

Since I had very little money in my account, I could only afford the cheapest of apartments. I started looking at one bedroom apartments. I used an apartment search website like craiglists to aid me. I scoured through all the listings for several hours but I could not find an apartment that fit my price range. All the one bedroom apartments were too expensive for me. One thing that I did know was that I did not want to live with roommates. I had done that before back when I was in college and it was a horrible experience. So after being unsuccessful in finding a one bedroom apartment, I decided to move on to the next best thing. I would have to find efficiency apartments for rent.

The good thing about efficiency apartments is that they are pretty cheap. The bad thing is that they usually lack privacy. They are basically just one room where the kitchen, living room, and bedroom all meld together. There are no walls separating the rooms. The only walled separation in an efficiency is the bathroom. If you had guests over they would pretty much see all your private belongings. The other thing is that guests would probably not want to come to your place because usually these types of apartments are small. It is really meant for one person. Putting in any more people would feel crowded. But I really could not complain at this point because I only had enough money to pay for an efficiency apartment.